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The Pine Caterpillar (thaumetopoea pityocampa) is one of the most unpleasant creatures found in Spain, particularly on the Costa Blanca where pine trees grow. They are a major threat to animals, particularly dogs, and can be a threat to humans, particularly children.

If you see the silvery hairy cocoons hanging on a pine tree, whatever you do, don't touch them. The very fine hairs that you see on these caterpillars are poisonous.. If the caterpillars drop onto your dog or other pets, don't brush them off with your hands because by doing so you could cause yourself irritation, rashes and probably a fair amount of pain( the hairs on the caterpillars are still likely to harm you when the caterpillar is dead!).The best way to get rid of these caterpillars is to burn them. Don't hit the cocoons with anything because it is the flying hairs that are the danger. If you find them in your garden, cover them with a bag, cut off the branch of the tree and burn it.

They are called "processional" because when they are hungry, they go to an uninfected tree in a long line one behind the other. The worst time for these caterpillars is from January to the end of April, so if you are with your children or dogs where there is a proliferation of pine trees, be on your guard.

They also do a huge amount of damage to the trees, so, if you can, destroy them, but be careful.





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 Do you want a boat trip down this beautiful coastline? You can contact Colin directly for a full day trip.

Colin also organises fishing trips. He is based in Denia. Tel: 0034 666222752.

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Click on thumbnail to see more paintings of this Javea Artist - Email address if you are interested in buying any of her paintings, based in Javea.

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Storm - Gota Fria? - in the Costa Blanca - October 12th 2007

On October 12th 2007 the area was hit by huge storms with El Verger, Els Poblets, Beniarbeig and Calpe being the worst hit areas, click on links below for pictures and video clips